Portrait Photography 

     A portrait is the likeness of a person or a small group of individuals, in which the face(s) and expressions are predominant.
The objective is to display the person's likeness, personality, and mood of the person(s). The focus of a portrait is the person’s face – although the entire body and the background may be included.

Photographers are free to use ambient, flash, and/or strobe lighting as they may be required. The submitted portrait can be either color or monochrome.

Portraits of fictional/imaginary individual(s) are not acceptable. However, self-portraitures are permitted.

   Studio Setting – portrait is when a subject(s) are posed and an image is captured in a studio where background and lighting are configured to set a mood that best compliments the subject and tells a story.

   Environmental Setting – portrait (e.g. blacksmith, firefighters at the station, chef in the kitchen, paramedic with ambulance, etc…). Portraits can be taken indoors or outdoors with or without artificial lighting.

For the Environmental Setting theme, the image can be staged or candid and should tell a story. The face(s) and expressions of the subjects must be predominant.

Editing Criteria

    Open Editing – All different in-camera, on-camera, and post-processing techniques can be used. This includes combining multiple layers to create the final image. The entrant must have taken all components of the final images. Digital frames, pin-line, borders, and mats not are permitted in this competition. Colour, infrared, monochrome, and HDR images will be accepted.