Color Theme Photography 

 Scope of Competition:

    This completion and its themes are aimed at providing photographers with the opportunity to exercise their creative skills using colour to: capture outstanding and stunning images in areas that they may be out of their comfort zones. Therefore, monochrome and infrared images cannot be submitted into this competition.


 Landscape – images can include natural landscape, urban landscape and seascapes. Hand of man is permitted.

 Man-made Structures/Objects– images of any man-made object, buildings, transportation (air, land, sea or space), still life, rural and city landscapes. Images may contain the hand of man.

 Nature/Wildlife – image(s) of subjects such as amphibians, flowers, insects, marine-life, reptiles, wild or domesticated animals or birds, etc. This category also includes botanical, insect, subjects. Domesticated animals and birds are permitted in this theme. Hand-of-man elements contained within the image is also permitted.

 Person(s) – image(s) can be traditional or casual portraits, and could incorporate the environment and/or workspaces of the individual(s).

In capturing colour images for this competition, all photographers must endeavour to comply with the principle of:
“Treating all subjects with respect and dignity. Give special consideration to vulnerable subjects and compassion to victims of crime or tragedy. Intruding on private moments of grief only when the public has an overriding and justifiable need to see”.

Editing Criteria

   Open Editing – All in-camera, on-camera, and post-processing techniques are permitted. all components of the final image must have been taken by the entrant. Sky replacement is only permitted if the replacement sky was captured by the same photographer submitting the image for this competition. Images that are created totally electronically with no photographic origin are prohibited from this competition. Colour or black & white or monochrome images are permitted.No frames or borders are permitted in this competition.