Pet Photography 

     Pet Photography has become a very popular niche for professional photographers, a pet photographer has many skills that go beyond just taking the photograph. Pet photography can be done in a studio or on location, with flash or natural light. submit your most creative photos of your pet or someone else's pet. The photograph can be a portrait of an environmental portrait (action). The focus of the image must be the pet or pets.

    Pets are typically domesticated animals, and they range from cats, dogs, hamsters, rabbits, mice, snakes, and fish as the photographer you have the choice and the use of your creative mind. The animal must be real.

Editing Criteria

    Open Editing – All in-camera, on-camera, and post-processing techniques are permitted. all components of the final image must have been taken by the entrant. Sky replacement is only permitted if the replacement sky was captured by the same photographer submitting the image for this competition. Images that are created totally electronically with no photographic origin are prohibited from this competition. Colour or black & white or monochrome images are permitted.No frames or borders are permitted in this competition.