For this competition, artistic photography is created by the creative vision of the artist as a photographer, using photography as a medium to bring something to life that arises from the artist’s mind.
The image should go beyond the ‘literal representation’ of a scene or subject. A simple conversion of a color image to monochrome would not necessarily result in an artistic image.
The photographer will use subjects, elements, and techniques as a vehicle in the process of conveying their feelings and vision to reveal an original, creative, and individual expression.
Abstract – does not attempt to represent an accurate depiction of tangible objects or people, where color and form make up the subject of the images. Examples include – double exposure blurred images, intentional camera movement, distorted images, lines & shapes, panned images, and smoke/fire-created images.

   Altered Reality – using photographic elements to create a realistic or unrealistic fictional image. Ideally, the intention is to create an image that conveys a message or tells a story.

   Creative – image is one that was specifically created using props or amplification of elements not normally viewed by the human eye such as dramatically lit subjects (portraits, still life, or landscape), long exposures, water & oil, and high-speed water drops. It also includes light painting and low-key images created in-camera or post-processing.

Smartphone/tablet – image(s) captured on a smartphone/tablet and have significant ‘artistic’ changes to the image using one or more mobile device applications or other post-processing applications. The external lens attached to a smartphone or tablet is permitted.

Editing criteria

   Open Editing- any in-camera, on-camera, and/or post-processing techniques may be used. This includes combining multiple images and elements to create a final image. NOTE - only textures and elements of a photo captured or created by the entrants may be used in the submitted image.

   Third-party presets, applications and actions may be used to enhance the quality of the image (color, contrast, skin tones, etc..).

   The image cannot be solely created by the computer application.

   Digital frames, pin-line, borders, and mats are permitted in this competition provided they do not contain any text or images not made by the photographer.



Artistic Photography