Scope of Competition

   This completion and its themes are aimed at providing photographers with the opportunity to exercise their creative skills to: capture outstanding and stunning images in areas that they may be out of their comfort zones.
Image submitted into this competition can be staged or candid.


 Creative musical image can be abstract, expressionist or altered reality. Image can include: musical notes, lines (staff), musical instrument(s), musician(s), person(s), etc… Query Google Music Art images for some inspirational ideas.

 Musical instruments – image of musical instrument(s). Query Google Music Photography images for some inspirational ideas.

 Musical performers – musician(s) which includes: orchestra, band, singers, choir, marching band, etc… Query Google Music Performance Photograph images for some inspirational ideas.

 Performing to music – includes: all forms of dancing and/or movement to music such as: street dancing, dance performance, ballet, exercise class, musical production, etc… Image can contain one or more persons. Query Google Music performance photograph images for inspirational ideas.

In capturing images for this competition, all photographers must endeavour to comply with the principle of:
    “Treating all subjects with respect and dignity. Give special consideration to vulnerable subjects and compassion to victims of crime or tragedy. Intruding on private moments of grief only when the public has an overriding and justifiable need to see”.

You are encouraged to submit your images which exemplify I thought I closed all these already, `the unique beauty of one or more themes from your perspective as either a resident or a visitor.

Editing criteria

   Open Editing- any in-camera, on-camera, and/or post-processing techniques may be used. This includes combining multiple images and elements to create a final image. NOTE - only textures and elements of a photo captured or created by the entrants may be used in the submitted image.

   Third-party presets, applications and actions may be used to enhance the quality of the image (color, contrast, skin tones, etc..).

   The image cannot be solely created by the computer application.

   Digital frames, pin-line, borders, and mats are permitted in this competition provided they do not contain any text or images not made by the photographer.



Music  Photography