Automotive Photography 

    Successful car photography depends on capturing the unique personality of each vehicle, and there are several techniques that you can use to achieve this. Use them to capture car photos that go beyond simple snapshots and become something more artistic, inspiring, and engaging.

Setting the Scene
   Photograph your car in scenery that reflects its "personality". For example, if you're photographing a street racer it will look more at home in an urban setting than it would in a grassy field or perched on top of a dune.

Show Off Small Details
   While photographing the entire car can produce some excellent shots, it is often the small details that make a car interesting and unique.

Be creative,
   Creating composite is allowed as long as the photographer has taken all the images.

Showcase the interior
   Use the details of the interior to showcase the beauty of its designs focusing on small areas of the dash/ instruments/ seats etc

Editing Criteria

    Open Editing – All in-camera, on-camera, and post-processing techniques are permitted. all components of the final image must have been taken by the entrant. Sky replacement is only permitted if the replacement sky was captured by the same photographer submitting the image for this competition. Images that are created totally electronically with no photographic origin are prohibited from this competition. Colour or black & white or monochrome images are permitted.No frames or borders are permitted in this competition.