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About the Club

Photo Fredericton is a club for photographers from Fredericton and surrounding communities. The focus of Photo Fredericton’s activities is to provide its membership with an opportunity to engage with fellow photographic enthusiasts to share their knowledge and ideas about photography. Photo Fredericton is also a member club of the 

Canadian Association for Photographic Art (also known as CAPA).

Photo Fredericton Inc. is a non-profit photography club, whose goals are:

- To provide for its members a forum for discussion at regular meetings.

- To provide opportunities for its members to increase their proficiency in photographic techniques and the creative use of photography at workshops and field trips.

- To increase community awareness of photography as an art form through public exhibits and presentations.

New members with cameras of all types, sizes and skill level are welcome.

Because of current Covid-19 restrictions, in-person meetings are cancelled until further notice. We will, however, meet online via Zoom according to our published schedule. Registered members of the Club will receive an invitation and meeting sign-in information by e-mail. If you are a current member and are not sure if you are on the mailing list, please send a message via our Contact form.

See the 2022-2023 schedule here and membership benefits here.

       22 Nov 2022 - Images for Competition 2 - Artistic

The winning images for the Novice category are:

2nd place: Nancy Leger, Reflection

2nd place: Tony Crann, Ant Time

2nd place: Nancy Leger, Fall Splendor

1st place: Tony Crann, Old and Bent

The winning images for the Advanced category are:

3rd place: Rejean Pitre, Stuck in a Bottle
3rd place: Carol Randall, Nipped by Frost
2nd place: Les Clements, Spectra
1st place: Andre Reinders, Alian Maw