CAPA Atlantic Zone Competition 2020 (Pilot Project)

I am pleased to make this announcement with the agreement of Sheldon Boles, CAPA Competition Director.
As a pilot project CAPA Atlantic Zone (AZ) will conduct a competition. The submitted images will be judged by 3 CAPA Certified Judges. Here is the description.
Who is eligible:

CAPA Individual/Family Members in the AZ and
All current members of the CAPA Club Members in the AZ

Theme: Open (No sub themes)

Closing Date: April 20, 2020

Submission: One or two images per member sent
title of your email as “CAPA Atlantic Competition Submission”. Please be advised that the image (s) you send must be in the size described in the Image Specifications below.Please read the rules and follow the instructions for submission. (Editing Criteria, Eligibility Criteria, Image Specifications, and Judging Criteria)Awards: Only for individual images not the total scores of the two  images Best regards,

Michiko Nishijima

CAPA Atlantic Zone Director

Annual Playhouse Exhibit is scheduled from March 2nd to May 1st. The print submission is at the meeting on February 25th. The Information Package and the Entry Form are available.

The Canadian Camera Conference (CCC 2021) will be held in Moncton, NB, on June 25th – 27th, 2021. Please stay tuned for more information!

CAPA - CCC 2021
Next Meeting on February 25

Members Show & Tell:  A Series of Four
Each member can choose a topic of the series (e.g. my garden, my dog) and select 4 images under the topic. Please bring the 4 images with the topic title and your name in the file name.

Print Submission for Playhouse Exhibit
Please read the instruction below.

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